birthdays, Ryan

ONE MORE WEEK, one more day

WOW, time flies. Tomorrow is my and Ryan’s birthday. He’s 3, I’m 40, tomorrow, at 1:53 and 1:56 (approximately!) respectively. Three years ago at about 2:00 (it’s 1:45 now) my labor JUST started. I had my first labor pains with him ironically during “A Baby Story.” It got severe about 8 hours later in the early evening. I drove my daughter to the Y and also picked her up during labor! I felt like I was falling out. But the pains were not consistent or extremely severe so I didn’t go into the hospital until 1 a.m., after my water broke (right after Sarah Hughes won the 2002 Skating Gold Medal (gold? I think? Unless it was silver????)

Man, it seems like yesterday. He was born the next afternoon, on my birthday.

Gotta finish cleanup today—- kids home, president’s day. busy busy.

more soon — Ryan starts preschool next Monday!!!!


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