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skinny minnie?

My goal, kinda, without the big 80’s glasses!  This was about 1988 after I was married 1 year.  I’m the one with the Browns (when they were kind of good?) shirt.

Started the South Beach diet again today.  I plan to just be no carb for about 4 days and then add back in whole grains.  I am still eating fruit.  I don’t go strictly on the plan at this point — though I did last May!  I hope to lose the 10 pounds I gained since October, then lose more (I had lost 18 last year, gained 10 back).  I have 55 to lose altogether….

Back in a bit to do Heather’s other survey 🙂  First need to do a pickup.  My friend is coming over in 1 hour to get my daughter to take her over to play. 

I did redo my living room yesterday – got all the toddler toys by the wall and made more room for them! A lot more to do!


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