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Yes, I remember Thanksgiving is coming, and I’m ready – I LOVE Thanksgiving! But I just wanted to get my Christmas background done here before it’s almost Christmas and I have no time to do it!!!

We’re surviving okay – Chris is having a little trouble sleeping again which isn’t fun but it’s not as bad as it was. We have a problem with his ears being blocked up right now which we’re not sure how to deal with.

I’m trying to get Christmas shopping done early so I can just deal with all the school events, etc., in December! I already am starting Christmas card/newsletter prep. I hope to get them out by Dec 1!!!! We are overbooked with activities – here’s our schedule: (And remember our busy 2 3/4 year old is with -me ALL the time, doesn’t nap, and sleeps like 8-5 a.m. (I can’t go to bed at 8 because of other kids still being up until 10 or so).

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