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Sunny Sunday
You’re Manny! (Manuela) You are clingy, yet cute.
Childish, yet can have some amazing pearls of
wisdom. You are the Sam to Emma’s Frodo. Cheer
up about Craig, dear. There are plenty more
boys who dig it when you call your stuffed
animals weird names!

Which Degrassi Girl are You?
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I love Degrassi – can’t wait for new season!  (watch on the “N” on our new digital cable which I don’t want to get rid of with our “broke-ness” now….)

Doing great, though I feel bad I missed church.  Chris fell asleep just moments before we left!  He is doing very well – naps every day still (a little earlier than expected today – usually he’s nodding off a bit at church which is a GOOD thing).  So next week I’ll give him the pill a little later.

Ryan tested greatly at his MRDD eval on Friday.  33 months socially !  (He’s only 31 months old, almost).  About 24 months with speech, so a little over 6 months behind.  They are going to give him therapy 2x a month, in addition to the 2x a week he’s already getting at our speech center.

Colleen is still doing fairly well though today she’s got a stomach ache.  She went with daddy on his cleaning job as she felt a little too sick to go to church.  Then here I didn’t go!!  I plan to do some filing next, then start kitchen, laundry, etc., at the usual time that I would get home from church (12:30 – it’s 11:30 now). But she’s doing well at school so far, progressing on an IEP this year with an Aide.  She is a wonderful creative girl!

We are proud to say we’re BACK on South Beach Diet (as of Tuesday) and I’ve already lost 2 pounds and 1 inch. So that brings me back up to 15 pounds lost since May.  My goal is 10 more pounds by Halloween…. I can do it!

Colleen is doing SO AWESOME at school and we weren’t even sure she really HAS Asperger’s!  But all the professionals agree she does. 

But thank God, we’re getting a payment soon and that will catch up our bills.  You see, after Chris’s emergency in July, Rog’s work completely slowed down.  He only worked July 6 or so, the day before Chris was hospitalized again.  Then he got a job in August but it turned out to be a flop.  He worked 2 weeks for an amount the same he can make in 3 days at his regular job (which he’s back to now Thank the Lord).  (I wish I could work sometimes to help but it’s just too hard with all the kid’s; special needs.  Besides, I’m still getting unemployment, so that would stop that.  I am still looking for a job on the unemployment – looking for really good ones with bennies that would be a blessing to our family – then Rog would quit, watching the kids, and I’LL work. If that is the Lord’s will it will happen, but I hope that isn’t the case! 

We need to get MUCH more serious looking for Rog a job.  I will try and do that today.  He got really busy with work again (the one that had slowed down in July) and he hasn’t had time to look.  So I need to.  But I got really snowed under with paperwork for all the kids’ school and special ed stuff, AND our aide quit (14 hours a week for Chris from Core Home Health Care) and so I had to start looking for another (majorly time consuming as the list doesn’t say who is Core and who is Medicare and who is Waiver, etc., etc.)  Luckily I found another that was Core and they may have another aide for me!!!!!  I’m praying so and that she’s as good as the one who just left us!


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