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from my group….. I’m all stressed out about all this……

User: dori

Comments: kind of long financial vent, feel free to scroll, but prayers appreciated anyway!

Hi – not reading tonight yet, just posting. I just went through to do papers, did my filing, and went through bills (ugh!). I still would appreciate prayers for our financial situation — I thought we were actually doing okay at the moment but when I checked my checkbook online saw that we were under. I had to rush my unemployment check to the bank (thank God I got it early! today to keep lots of fees from happening. I just keep wondering if as soon as this unemployment is over (I have 3 more checks coming) I should really try and get a night job at McDonalds or KMart or something — the secretarial jobs just aren’t coming through, not even non-legal ones. Obviously my attendance problems are huge and the last place is probably saying terrible things about my skills, even though my typing skills are very good.

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