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Still reviewing all the old posts —   Leave a comment

In my spare time, here and there, have been tagging and categorizing my posts back to 2003.  I got to November 2005, then just found a way today to import all the comments from Livejournal!  This is exciting as I just don’t get to Livejournal much anymore so this way all my comments both from […]

Google fun (From Sasha’s blog)   Leave a comment

http://www.55fun.com/ I am downloading this Acrobat book – looks fun to check out! I love Google. I made an IGoogle page a few months ago and the thing that completely made my day is that I could have Pacman on there (among other fun things like Frogger, Checkers, and Hangman!!). I was addicted to Pacman […]

Posted November 25, 2007 by criscollrj in computer geekiness, NaBloPoMo

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Flashing yellow light?   Leave a comment

Hello – my daughter came home to get on her computer as usual (hers and rog’s) and it doesn’t boot, just has a flashing yellow light. eek I read a little on the internet about this light and it doesn’t sound good. It’s a Dell Dimension 5150, I think, okay, let me get the specs […]

Posted November 16, 2007 by criscollrj in computer geekiness, NaBloPoMo

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CloudEight is awesome!   Leave a comment

First, plugging their site — http://thundercloud.net/ and their home page that is my start page every day http://thundercloud.net/start/index.htm and where they featured me from my entering (on a whim!) this: http://thundercloud.net/start/featureyou.htm I have always loved using email stationery, and CloudEight has been my main stationery source since probably about year 2000 at least (just guessing […]

Posted November 9, 2007 by criscollrj in computer geekiness, NaBloPoMo

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if you have wordpress and just upgraded–   Leave a comment

check this out http://wordpress.org/development/2007/03/upgrade-212/ Glad I didn’t upgrade yet – I was about to![ad#Emealz]

Posted March 4, 2007 by criscollrj in computer geekiness

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ouch–from fingers to computers   1 comment

Our water froze up today so I had to try and keep my boys happy who due to their special needs don’t understand the meaning of NO BATH now IT’S BROKEN. Chris got so frustrated he grabbed my hand in the process somehow jammed my finger. I can type fairly well after icing it, but […]

Posted February 19, 2007 by criscollrj in autism, computer geekiness, life

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oh my GOSH it worked!   Leave a comment

http://www.downloadsquad.com/2006/10/16/how-to-move-a-wordpress-blog-to-a-new-host-dls-recipe/  I was blogless for a week and boy was that rough!  Now to copy over my themes, look up new ones, and figure out how to get my header, footer, and sidebar settings back —[ad#Google Adsense]

Posted January 27, 2007 by criscollrj in computer geekiness, writing

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backgrounds!   1 comment

I stayed up too late working on backgrounds — this site is very cool! http://ljlayouts.org/ I tried to do this one: http://ljlayouts.org/layouts.php?location=generator5 (the wishing and hoping one) and got as far as getting the images and everything on there but they were repeating all over the page! Oh well, will keep playing. I just don’t […]

Posted January 4, 2007 by criscollrj in computer geekiness

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don’t want to remember the big job hunt days…   2 comments

haven’t been reading, things are nuts. Newest news: Ohhh boy. Rog called his workplace and was directed to call his supervisor on his supervisor’s cell phone. Turns out Jeff his supervisor, along with another person doing the same kind of thing at the workplace, were laid off. There’s no work in sight. So Rog is […]

Posted January 24, 2006 by criscollrj in computer geekiness, work

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yay!   4 comments

just had to post my excitement – just ordered our first computer in 5 years – with Ryan’s grant (to now order more hearing/speech/language software as well – exciting!). We are getting a Dell 4700 with Pentium 4 and Windows XP! Going out of the dark ages – again. In Dec. 00 we went out […]

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Posted August 18, 2005 by criscollrj in computer geekiness

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