A blank slate

After typing into my personal blog, at its 3rd home right now at blog, I am a bit stymied attempting to begin this new blog that has been on my mind for a while now. Technical details like WHERE do I want to house the blog, and what to call it, have interrupted my just BEGINNING the blog, which I’m attempting to do now.

My purpose in this sharing endeavor, to become a better resource and help to those of you out there watching your children with autism and other disabilities learn much of what I have learned, but hopefully faster, and perhaps to share with me things you have learned faster than I have. We also have co-morbidities (that’s such a terrible name, isn’t it?) in our different abilitied children – due to my dad apparently having an inheritable deafness gene, our Christopher is totally deaf (found out when he was 15; he’s now 18) and Ryan is partially deaf at age 7. I also have a slight hearing loss.

At this moment I’ll simply direct you to this resource page: http://criscollrjblog.wordpress.com/autism/, but I have to confess that is out of date; I will most likely be updating that and moving that onto this site.[ad#Google Adsense]

Finally the big intro

maybe, if nothing interrupts me?

Right this minute I’m up waiting for my oldest son to go to sleep. He is autistic and often stays up all night. It’s 1:50 a.m. now, and my dh stayed up with him until 12:30 while I napped. Now I am up with him as DH was feeling ill and I wanted him to get some sleep.

I’m usually up by 5-6 a.m. with my little son who is 1. So often I get little sleep…..

Our children went to the doctor again today — I feel like I live there. I went there last week on Wednesday, this past Sunday, then just this Tuesday, and then today. 4 times in 8 days. Today my daughter got a strep test but thankfully it was negative! She is just recovering from a stomach flu virus too. My oldest was re-diagnosed with a sinus infection. So he started back on antibiotics tonight.

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