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Finally the big intro

maybe, if nothing interrupts me?

Right this minute I’m up waiting for my oldest son to go to sleep. He is autistic and often stays up all night. It’s 1:50 a.m. now, and my dh stayed up with him until 12:30 while I napped. Now I am up with him as DH was feeling ill and I wanted him to get some sleep.

I’m usually up by 5-6 a.m. with my little son who is 1. So often I get little sleep…..

Our children went to the doctor again today — I feel like I live there. I went there last week on Wednesday, this past Sunday, then just this Tuesday, and then today. 4 times in 8 days. Today my daughter got a strep test but thankfully it was negative! She is just recovering from a stomach flu virus too. My oldest was re-diagnosed with a sinus infection. So he started back on antibiotics tonight.

Let’s see if I can do a bigger intro now, and then post for now — I may lay on the couch as oldest son is quieter now.

Rog and I have been married for almost 16 years. We met when I was 18 and we were in a band together. He played lead guitar, I played rhythm and was the singer. A long story made short is that I was dating someone else at the time, then got very very attracted to Roger and broke up with the first guy! But meanwhile, the keyboardist in the band also liked me and I had to break his heart too… pretty wild for a girl who never dated in high school and was in the dork/bookworm crowd 😛

We lived with his parents for a while after we got married until we got on our feet right after college. Immediately after getting our first apartment we decided to see if the Lord would bless us with a baby and he immediately did! Our “Owen” was born in Nov of 90 and he was so precious. I had been working full time as a legal secretary and was blessed to be able to go to part time after his birth.

After we lived in our apartment a while we graduated to a trailer. Then when Owen was 2 we found our steal of a HUD house and moved in. The baby cravings returned and we conceived “Renee” in the fall of 93. I still worked at the same place until her birth now at 32 hours a week, almost full time, and then ended up getting laid off during maternity leave, due to a company downsize. I was a stay at home mom for the first time and boy it was wonderful! But we were starting to have some money struggles, so I looked for a part time job – our goal was to have dh work nights and me work mornings.

9 months later (what a nice long maternity leave!) I got my wish and we both got jobs within a week of each other. I worked a law firm in the mornings and he worked in maintenance at a local hospital at night. We did this for two years but didn’t see each other much! But Renee got to know her daddy and mommy both very well!

In 1997 after I’d had a few job changes myself DH lost his job. It was a very scary time. I was not working much myself then, and my father had just died. We also were in the depths of the 4 year period since our son Owen had lost his speech and started special ed. Boy it was a stressful, traumatic time, one I would not want to relive, but also a time of growth and the birthing of miracles.

3 years later Rog was doing great going to college and I also had my home business built by this time, where I was now (by 2000) working almost full time at home doing transcription for different companies. Renee was now in 1st grade, and Owen was established in the special ed elementary school MH classes. We made it by the Lord’s hand and his giving me this home business, which I worked on mostly while kids were in school.

It’s 2 days later — will just post & continue later dori

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