A very strange birthday —

Still fighting continuously sick kids.

Here’s yesterday, and a schedule of my madness….(from my transcription board)

This was my day yesterday — (below)

Today I’m just going to try and catch up a little, do some dishes and laundry and pick up, and do a schedule so I can get all my work done (I’ll attach that too!)

I hope you guys have a super day today!

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You guys probably saw my worklist and event list on Thursday when I typed it out.  I have not had one that long before.  Grateful for it – boy, do we need the money – but I need to buckle down and focus on everything.

Then yesterday was a horrible day – well, I guess not HORRIBLE, but very trying.

I had Colleen with me because I had to take her to ER – she had blurred vision the day before and a time of forgetfulness.  So her dr. said to take her to ER.  She had fallen into a dresser on Sunday and hit the back of her head and had felt nauseous and headachy.  She also had the flu or virus that caused her to miss 6 days in the last two weeks (she’s missed about 28 days of school this year).

So after getting a little lunch we drove out there. They examined her and said she was okay and didn’t need a ct scan.  So that was good. They said this bad virus going around now that causes the achiness and everything can also cause confusion and blurred vision at times.  They told her to rest and drink lots of fluids and call our regular dr.

Of course now she wants to attend this sleepover party tonight….

While I was at the ER they called that Chris was screaming and stamping his feet at school that I had to come pick him up.  So right after Colleen was discharged I picked him up.

Then I went home and sat and didn’t do much.  Because I never got to the store like I was supposed to (I had ended up finding about $15 I was going to use at Aldi’s to get something Ryan would eat for his birthday dinner (he’s very picky AND has a loose tooth) and to get him a cake mix to make him a nice cake) I didn’t have anything for his birthday.  My MIL sweetly brought over a case of ginger ale, milk, bread, lunchmeat, and a tray of cupcakes.  That was super. party2

I vegetated all evening, and only worked about 1 hour on the web site assignment I have.  Fell asleep on the couch about 8 or 9….

Today I am going to attempt to clean up the house a little, and type while the kids go to camp.

I will be scarce the next few weeks — I just have too much on my plate!

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Shares my birthday (2/22), used to share my curls!

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Okay, time to do a real goal sheet.  Today was my day for planning and uploading audio.  I am excited about this work list – it’s probably the most I’ve ever had at once!!  May I manage it well —


Hopefully by tomorrow:

(shouldn’t be a problem if I quit doing admin stuff and get my fingers going…

by Monday:

And these are two a week until they’re done — so —
4 1/2 weeks – March 25 or so.

And these are by March 4:
3 hours 43 minutes hearing 😉

And here’s my appts!

  • Tomorrow, my boobie ultrasound
  •   Ryan’s birthday
  •   Turn in Colleen’s school schedule
  • Monday – NO school for Colleen or Ryan
  •   Their physicals at 8:40 a.m.
  • Wed. – vocation program viewing for Chris – I think
  • March 7 – audiology appt for Chris at 9
  • March 10 – Chris’ physical
  • March 12 – Colleen’s dentist
  • March 14th – Chris’s psychiatry appt.
  • March 17th – Chris’s IEP
  • March 18th – Ryan’s sedated ABR, blood tests, dental cleaning
  • April 1st – Chris’s sedated ABR, blood tests, dental cleaning, vision screening
  • April 2nd – Chris & Ryan’s follow up audiology appt.

And I know Ryan’s IEP will be coming up.  We are also meeting soon with MRDD for Ryan to get him on waivers, etc., as an elementary school student.  We’re also going to be meeting with more people on other waivers for both boys, as well as new nursing/aides coming in for the boys (yes, most likely both boys, yay!).

I have a lot of calls to make but I think right now I need to just start typing for a few hours – and —


Put on some chicken to stew for dinner.


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