The I have no excuse not to be posting excuse post

  1. There ARE no excuses for my misbehavior. I’m not really posting a lot ANYWHERE but I do still read..
  2. LOOKING and ARRANGING for transcription jobs to line up through the week is kinda exhausting – more than I expected!  I contact about 4-5 companies a week that I’m contracted with to try and schedule something for each day – not always easy as THEY don’t always know what they have so I’m waiting on one all day to see if they have anything and if not I have to go to the next and see what they have, etc.  One day I’ll end up with 2-3 jobs at once and be totally screwed.
  3. I think I’m finally getting the horrid cold that i seemed to have escaped for almost a YEAR now (amazingly.)  A few weeks ago I had a stuffy nose, but now I’m like using dozens of tissues every five minutes.
  4. My house is a disaster, and I’m too tired to clean it.  I have a kitchen full of fruit flies.  I tend to get about 4 loads of dishes done a day but never finish them.
  5. I’m too busy to post because I need to change my poor hamster’s cage – too long since I changed it.  TOMORROW.  I MUST.  He’s a cute little guy – I’ll have to post his pic.
  6. I’m not posting as much because YAY I have made time for exercise!  Thought it would keep the colds and bugs away permanently, but no.  But I am walking half hour a day 4x a week roughly and am on week three.  I’m NOT dieting.  I just can’t handle another HAVE-TO item right now so am eating whatever I want ( ha ha ! )
  7. I also have taken 3 baths since the kids went back to school, and I shower right after the walk (and after the bath, when I take one – for some reason I just can’t take a bath ONLY, I have to have a shower afterwards ;P  )
  8. I’m also too busy to post because Rog and I have been working on some cleaning projects.  I cleaned out my office and threw out like 5 bags of recyclable papers (Colleen trotted them over to the school fundraising recycling bins across the street) and threw out all the garbage also.  I still have about 2′ high of filing to do in my filing cabinet that I can’t fit any more in and need to clean out.  ha ha!
  9. Rog cleaned out bedroom out halfway and did a really good job!  I’ll not have time to post because I need to get in there and move furniture around and clean out drawers and pack away summer clothes.  I can’t wait until it look REALLY good in there!!!  It’s been too long as a trash heap.
  10. Also won’t have time to post because FRIDAY we’ve scheduled the big garage clean out!  Tired of all our bikes, grill, shovels, etc., being outside because our garage is too big of a mess.  We’re actually using our pool water that we need to drain to put in buckets and use to wash the garage floor!!!

Bless you all – I’m still reading!


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  1. I really hate that the world runs on money, and you really can’t do without it. I’m still waiting to see if Modest Needs can help me with the propane bill for this month. I hope things pick up for you!

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