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Akron Civic Theater memories


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We saw this theater walking today to get menus for Sunlark in Akron. Also took pictures of the Aeros stadium, etc. I should have gotten more pictures but forgot. We went today to work together for Sunlark but also to have a “date” to celebrate our 20-year anniversary (which was in June, but ahh well! ;D )

But boy, the memories here. I believe we saw Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith here in Concert in 1984. We also I believe saw Glass Harp there in about 1988 or so. What a beautiful theater.

We also saw the old Mr. Bilbo’s restaurant that we ate at in 84 and 93 (with our Mr. 2-year-old Christer when we toured Quaker Square and historic Akron – will have to post THOSE pics sometime!). It’s now known as the Lime Spider – here It was closed or we would have looked inside. As dedicated Lord of the Rings fans we were very interested in that place….

We walked our legs off and got very good exercise and made some $ too…

It was nice to have a day out. We used a coupon we had and ate at Cracker Barrel with it – yummy free lunch!

Now, back to life, dirty dishes, laundry, and lining up transcription work for next week…

Kids are all back in school and doing okay. It’s nice to be back in a routine. though it gets a little tiring getting up at 5 every day!!! Next week will be the first week they all go to school every day so I plan to work 3 days. Only had gotten in 1-2 days per week the last few weeks.