slow but sure!

The previous two weeks I’d not lost much weight so was so happy to hit 172.5 today! Securely in stage 2 now and getting to eat homemade oatmeal, wheat pasta, rye bread, etc., YUM! I HAVE “cheated” a few times – had chocolate cake on my birthday (1 piece, then no more) and have had about 4 pieces of pizza with lots of veggies, and had a few teaspoons of mashed potatoes 2x. I eat dark chocolate EVERY day and am drinking various kinds of diet pop. (Cherry Coke Zero, and this new Jazz diet Pepsi Caramel Cream are my favorites).

Us having Mr. Chicken was challenging but I ate like 2 big pieces of chicken and took most of the breading off and had just 2 teas. or so of the potatoes. No biscuit, and a HUGE pile of cole slaw.

My measurements are going down more to what they were 1 1/2 years ago (October, November, December of 05) when we moved here but I have a ways to go. My weight is still about 7 pounds higher than then.

First goal to go from 180-165 which is where I was that 1 1/2 years ago.


(2020 – so why did I stop this?  I don’t remember this diet. I remember doing South Beach in 04 and 05 and each time losing 20 pounds, then I just remember mostly ’12-’15 when I started counting calories and went from 200 down to 165!  Now I’m about 170 and need to get back on SOMETHING!

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