Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts!

I cancelled my interview for the second 10 hour a week job, though i felt sorry about it and wonder what it would have been like to work for them (my Avon supervisor). But then I found out my other client needs a job next week, and then also found out my other transcription job actually pays 2x as much as I expect (they pay per double space, not single space, which I didn’t remember from 2000!) So I didn’t really need another job.

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music survey from Angela

I think I’ve been very good today on my day alone (Rog working just today, and kids at school). I have 15 more minutes before 4-year-old gets home, and my legs hurt (blah) so a
break is in order! I also already cleaned up the bedrooms, cleaned the bathrooms, and sorted through papers that had stacked up. Ahhh, relax a minute. ?

List 10
artists. (Do this before reading the other questions!):

1. Coldplay
2. U2
3. Third Day
4. Amy Grant
5. Steven Curtis Chapman
6. Live
7. Yes
8. Genesis
9. Rush
10. Journey
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