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new job?

check it out —

“Hello Dorene,
Thank you for taking an interest to our job posting. After reviewing numerous resumes, we believe that you possess a lot of the experience we are seeking.
Let me provide you with some information on the accounts for which we are recruiting transcriptionists. The bulk of the content will be broadcast news for both radio and television. Each broadcast varies between one and two hours in length. Each typist will be assigned a 15-minute segment to transcribe, but will be encouraged to request as many segments as they can realistically complete within the designated turnaround time. In general, most finished transcripts are due back to us within 3 hours following the conclusion of the assigned broadcast segment. Work assignments will commence within the next couple of weeks.”

I need to take a test for this. If I pass, it sounds like this will be steady work. Then again, i don’t want to be overwhelmed! I should test Monday, probably. It’s an 8 minute file which will take me about 45 minutes I would think?

We had a great but busy week – usual stresses. 

(2020, looking back, bet this was PeopleSupport?  where I transcribed NPR?  I loved that job, then it went overseas and the U.S. no longer had it….)

2 thoughts on “new job?”

  1. that job sounds great! if it’s what you decide you want, i really hope you get it!

    congratulations on 1 week sober! that’s so great, i hope he keeps up the great work! =) hope he’s able to find a job soon!

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