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potty training?


User: dori

Comments: DSL is better -they called last night and it turned out they
were detecting noise on our line and wondered if we had a phone plugged in without
a filter, I said the only one is where the dish is. they said to unplug that and
now it’s the fastest it’s ever been since we lived here. What gets me is the
place previously had said it was fine to have the dish plugged in without a


Replying …

Comments: DOES ANYONE have any potty training tips for Ryan? He has gone several
times, pee, and one-two times, poop, since he was 2. But I can’t get any
consistency. He takes his poopy diaper off and throws the poop in the toilet.
That is good. But I can’t get him to sit there and go. He won’t stay. Any tips?
He is 4.

Hoping I can get a new degree to have a better paying job. I just don’t know
what, yet. And how to get there, to college.


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