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Thanks for comments all! It just seems to go on and on here. I will have to do my complete summary soon – it is very interesting! But no time now.

We LOVE OUR HOUSE. However, we have some plumbing problems. Much more than owner indicated. Only problem he indicated was that toilet upstairs was a little loose, and he made steps to fix it. So we move in, and now, we can’t use downstairs toilet, sink, washer, nothing. It is blocked in the yard! Like 60 feet out. We already spent $380 for a plumber/roto rooter guy. He said it would be over $1,000 for the rest. Digging up yard to replace pipe, etc. Our upstairs toilet was supposedly fine AFTER overflowing like 4 times. Well, it leaked again last night, (clean water, from the tank and bottom of toilet?) went through the furnace grate and back wall, and down in to the furnace room, and back through the basement all the way to the back wall where we have a computer hooked up. Luckily it was turned off. This actually happened one other time, but we thought everything was fixed so we didn’t move it (last week) I am moving it this morning, to the other wall.

But we’ll be okay. We bought this house cheap because we suspected problems. Even though the owner said everything was fine, we were suspicious because when we first came to look at it the downstairs water was all SHUT OFF!!! (We know that because Chris PEED in the toilet downstairs during open house !!! and the realtor had to go get the bucket.) We’re like, why is the water off? She seemed to not know (uh-huh?) That was a different realtor, than the one we bought it from. We’ve let them know (realtor and owner) and are awaiting results. We think the previous owner should contribute something to this repair as it should have been disclosed. Unless he just never used the bathroom downstairs or did laundry for 12 years he lived here? I don’t think so…..

So when we came and looked at it again in August they had the water on (new broker guy – the one we fired from being our loan guy because he seemed unethical!!!) So they flushed it for us and everything to show it was working. Well, it only worked for 1 week after we moved in. Passed home inspection, because of course it was still flushing then.

Glad we bought it cheap. He was asking 157,900 last winter, then went down to 149,9. Then by the time we came back in the picture it was 144, and we offered 136. We agreed at 139. I actually wish we’d have offered less, but we still got a good deal.

Our in-laws are buying our old house and selling it after fixing up. We’re making a small profit, enough to pay for this plumbing and pay off credit cards. then we’ll just have the van payment. That is good!

more soon, including moving day summary!

love, d

(2020, wow, amazing to look back at how fast the plumbing problems started.  We struggled with a lot of it all the way until 2011 (6 years!) when the county rehabbed our house and put a new sewer line in from the addition, out to the street.  A portion of the problem remained until we find another Hidden sewer line on the opposite side of the house, in the DRIVEWAY! that had never been cleaned out.  Did that in 2014 and things have been fine since!)

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