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Comments: kind of long financial vent, feel free to scroll, but prayers appreciated anyway!

Hi – not reading tonight yet, just posting. I just went through to do papers, did my filing, and went through bills (ugh!). I still would appreciate prayers for our financial situation — I thought we were actually doing okay at the moment but when I checked my checkbook online saw that we were under. I had to rush my unemployment check to the bank (thank God I got it early! today to keep lots of fees from happening. I just keep wondering if as soon as this unemployment is over (I have 3 more checks coming) I should really try and get a night job at McDonalds or KMart or something — the secretarial jobs just aren’t coming through, not even non-legal ones. Obviously my attendance problems are huge and the last place is probably saying terrible things about my skills, even though my typing skills are very good.

Oh well, thanks for listening. I know we’re being watched over and protected, I’m just very nervous- I made payment arrangements with several places. That’s not leaving any money left over for gas or food, either.

Okay, deep breath. And I know there’s always credit cards- I’m trying not to use them, but they’re there, and I may have to use them. I based several of my payment arrangements on a check coming that is late.

ON a brighter note, though, I have 18 jobs to send faxes to for Rog in the morning. (I was going to do tonight but Chris just fell asleep and I’m tired – he’s like an hour later today — it’s almost 12 (yawn!)

I may not get to write tomorrow morning after all – going to visit MIL for her birthday and just let her and Ryan visit for a while – please say a prayer for her too – she is ill with spondylitis and also has a bad cold. Maybe I can help her with something tomorrow.

love, dori


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