Things that I miss

idea borrowed from Colleen’s journal….

  • 8 hours sleep
  • a dry bathroom (Chris floods it so often the wallpaper is peeling off the wall)
  • being pregnant – the door is closed on that, and it’s a bittersweet feeling
  • writing stories and poems for hours on end with no guilt
  • really thinking I’d be in a successful band, and practicing in our band for night after night and thinking we were GREAT
  • that newborn cry
  • Chris being little and playing the organ in his room
  • Colleen being little, having waves in her long curly hair, and loving her little Minnie doll
  • When RJ was Bald!
  • sometimes, when I’m a little nuts, I miss WORKING, but not that often 😉
  • going out to taverns to eat burgers and fries late at night
  • endless summer CONCERTS! Awww, that was awesome.
  • singing in harmony with friends in high school, up and down the hall
  • the first feelings of being in love, the tingly stomach at holding hands, the fear at the phone ringing – is it HIM?
  • walking in the wood with my dog in high school, Cocoa, singing at the top of my lungs.

Hmmm, things I love now seems like a logical next step. Then I’m off to clean….

  • Chris sleeping through the night now on his new meds
  • Colleen becoming a young lady, so beautiful, intelligent, and creative.
  • Ryan’s long curly corkscrew locks!
  • Dates out with hubby, like tomorrow we’re having breakfast! on his day off
  • Ryan dancing to grunge, metal, and 80’s music!
  • My backyard and sidewalk – so convenient and as much as I complain about my house I am grateful for them!
  • Being able to attend church again and singing praise choruses with everyone
  • Getting house back in order finally now that kids are back to school
  • Dreaming of and hopefully soon attending college
  • Getting thinner on my diet
  • Still occasionally having that yummy but evil cheeseburger, fries, and my favorite Coca Cola!
  • Having a little time to do things like this online for ME!

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