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surveys again….

long time no see! tired… up with chris who I HOPE is just about asleep, so some surveys for now….

1. What is/are your middle name(s)? Ann

2. If you had been born the other sex, did your parents tell you what your name would have been? Michael David or David Michael!

3. Do you have children and if so, what are their names? 13 year old Christopher Owen, 9 year old Colleen Renee, 2 year old Ryan Joseph

4. If you were to ever have a child or more children, what would you name them? I’m done, but we also liked Craig, Danielle, Shannon, Rhiannon (yep if Ryan would have been twins Ryan and Rhiannon would have been interesting!)

5. Most people know their mother’s maiden name, but do you know your grandmother’s maiden name? Hawkins

6. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Kind of – my name was Laura and my pretend sister’s name was Dorene (that is actually my name)

7. What was the name of your first pet? Blackie – dog.

8. If you have pet(s) now, what are their names?

9. What was the name of the school you attended as a child? I feel funny answering this, but it was a Catholic school in NE Ohio.

10. What was/is the name of your English teacher in high school? Feel funny about this too, don’t know why, but my English teachers were great – I always got along with them well – they all liked that I wrote and played guitar too…

12. Do you name your vehicles? What are the name(s)? Well, not the vehicles, but we did name our guitars – my old Epiphone is Epi of course and is 26 years old and our baby Alvi (Alvarez) is 3!

13. What was the name of the first person you ever kissed? Tom – it was a dare! Don’t think that really counts so …. Eric, on a bus ride, it rocked 🙂 never saw him again tho…

1.Go into your LJ’s archives.
2.Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3.Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4.Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

:x: piercings = just ears, and didn’t have it done until I was 37. I’m so glad I did! My 9 year old daughter is next 🙂


— Name: Dori
— Birthdate: 2/22
— Birthplace: NE Ohio
— Current Location: NE Ohio
— Eye Color: Brown
— Hair Color: Brown
— Height: 5’3″
— Righty or Lefty: Lefty.
— Zodiac Sign: Pisces

LAYER TWO: Background
— Your heritage: Something like English, Irish, Scottish, American Indian, Austrian, Italian.
— The shoes you wear: Tennis shoes or clogs or sandals.
— Your weakness: Food, especially junk.
— Your fears: My children getting hurt
— Your perfect pizza: One I had today – Pizza Hut Supreme! Also like just regular mushroom, onion & pepperoni!
— Goal you’d like to achieve: Lose 65 pounds.

— Your most overused phrase on AIM: don’t use it enough to know.
— Your thoughts first waking up: I wish I could get 8 hours sleep.
— Your best physical feature: My eyes.
— Your bedtime: 9 p.m. if possible, 1 – 3 – 5 a.m. common, up all night, very possible (all due to son’s insomnia, ugh.)
— Your most missed memory: Sleep. Also, writing, playing guitar, singing, artwork, all whenever I felt like it.

LAYER FOUR: Which is better…
— Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
— McDonald’s or Burger King: BK
— Single or group dates: Ohhh single dates with my hubby are great but also like going out with our friends to dinner.
— Adidas or Nike: Have no idea – thrift store shoes.
— Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: No difference to me.
— Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
— Cappuccino or coffee: Neither. (Coke)

— Smoke: No.
— Cuss: No, not unless I’m very hurt or mad and it comes exploding out (usually around a child of mine unfortunately).
— Sing: All the time, I AM DORY from Finding Nemo….
— Take a shower everyday: Yes. (It is my BREAK!)
— Have a crush(es): Absolutely adore my hubby and wish we had more time to be amorous……
— Do you think you’ve been in love: Yes.
— Go to college: want to go back SOON for bachelors in music therapy.
— Liked high school: It was okay (College was the best)
— Want to get married: I am…
— Believe in yourself: Okay but could be better.
— Get motion sickness: Sometimes, not often.
— Think you’re attractive: Too heavy but guess my face is pretty.
— Think you’re a health freak: No, but really am aiming to be (pushing 40, need to get serious).
— Get along with your parents: Yes. (miss my dad who passed away in 97)
— Like thunderstorms: No.
— Play an instrument: Guitar. Also learned to play accordion when I was 7 and took piano lessons for 3 months in college.

LAYER SIX: Have you ever…
— Drank alcohol: Yes.
— Smoked: Yes.
— Done a drug: No.
— Had Sex: Of course (hard to explain the 3 kids otherwise 🙂 )
— Made Out: Yes.
— Ever gone on a date: I love dates and of course now they’re never spontaneous either, but still much treasured.
— Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No.
— Eaten sushi: No.
— Been on stage: Yes
— Been dumped: 2-3 times (and dumped others 2-3 times)
— Gone skating: Yes
— Made homemade cookies: Yes.
— Gone skinny dipping: No.
— Dyed your hair: No.
— Stolen anything: No.

— Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Just maybe 10 times, all in college days.
— Been called a tease: No.
— Gotten beaten up: No.
— Shoplifted: No.
— Changed who you were to fit in: Repeatedly. No more.

— Age you hope to be married: Forever 🙂
— Numbers and Names of Children: answered in above survey.
— Describe your dream wedding: Mine was wonderful but I guess money not being considered some kind of outdoor event with horses and all that kind of thing is cool.
— How do you want to die: In my sleep
— Do you want to go to college: Yes
— What do you want to be when you grow up: Music therapist. Also a successful mom (trying).
— What country would you most like to visit: Ireland, Italy, Austria.

LAYER NINE: In a guy/girl..
— Best eye color: Brown.
— Best hair color: Brown.
— Short or long hair: Doesn’t matter.
— Height: Taller then me
— Best weight: Healthy.
— Best articles of clothing: Don’t know – as long as it’s clean!
— Best first date location: Our first date was at a restaurant – fun!
— Best first kiss location: We kissed in my dad’s living room – it was very fun!

LAYER TEN: Numbers
— Number of drugs taken illegally: None.
— Number of people I could trust with my life: My husband, parents (his too)
— Number of CDs that I own: About 60.
— Number of piercings: 2 – just ears.
— Number of tattoos: 0
— Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Maybe 4-5 (marriages, births)
— Number of scars on my body: Maybe 5 from accidental cuts I had in the past.
— Number of things in my past that I regret: Leaving Chris with a teenaged babysitter at age 2 where we were told he got hit on the head and quit talking and showed signs of autism.


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