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quick update!

Changed the colors on the journal to a more Christmassy look…

I REALLY need to get here more often. I am still working as a legal secretary at the same place since July, full time. I feel squeezed and pressured, doing too much, but also know right now it is necessary for the family that I bring in this steady income at this time. DH has been trying to find a job on his days off his part time job BUT what always seems to happen is those are the days we have one or another sick kid, or he needs to go grocery shopping, or the house is so messy that he needs to take the whole day to clean it. Bless his heart he has pretty much became the sole at least part-time “Mr. Mom.” But I don’t really see how we can both work full time right now – I really think once he finds the job he really wants to go for, and gets it, that I will (at least eventually) have to quit working, or the balance will fail. So we shall see what happens – I believe in (and kind of have to!) taking one day at a time and am just trusting in the Lord to guide us.

A little less than a month ago after good old AF was over dh and I had time to get friendly (which is rare!) and here I had all these weird symptoms all month and thought perhaps I was pregnant! Boy was I nervous! But it was not, thankfully, as I have AF right now. Three children is enough!

So much more to write but no time… maybe I’ll try and come every few days…

Love, dori


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