children, health, sleep

Just been reading

for too long!! I have so much cleaning to do.

THANK GOODNESS my children are feeling better. It is such a relief — I have been sleeping and so has the family! 8 hours a few days in a row — yippee!

Easter eggs are starting to boil in the kitchen, and I’ve grocery shopped today too. The whole family went, and met my mom too, and she helped watch the kids while me and hubby shopped with 1-2 kids at a time 🙂 it was pretty fun!

My living room looks like an obstacle course that is also designed to trip you and break your leg…. that is my next project.

Ahh 3 kids. So much work, so much joy, so much exhaustion!

I wish I had time to write and write and write. But thankfully I type really fast and will try and write more often….

“Owen” is slamming himself in the head with his hand — why??? JUST when I said he was feeling MUCH better!

Been searching around for different additional friends’ diaries to read — it’s fun to see many different people and their interests.

Hi COLLEEN – think you’re the only reader I have right now — hope you are feeling good today — note from 2006 – this is a different Colleen than my daughter.

Love, dori