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I do exist still —

I think. We are so tired — all of us — our oldest has been ill and we are not sure what is wrong. He has autism as I mentioned before and he has been crying most of the time the last week. Drs. don’t know what to do. It’s sad and difficult. We love him so much but don’t know what to do. We are loving on Vanilla Coca Cola (me) and coffee (hubby) and just trying to get through it — it happens like this every few months and then it gets better.

Owen also is going to be evaluated to see if he has bi-polar disorder. We visited a psychologist today and she believes he may have that from our initial descriptions of him to her. So perhaps another piece of the puzzle of our beautiful but very mysterious son…

In my absence our baby son “RJ” also had ear tubes put in. He had 5 bad ear infections in 5 months. He is doing very well now!

Sometime soon I will finish the history I had started before, about meeting my wonderful hubby, etc.!