3-2-1 countdown

One newly-outfitted teen out the door, one to go. Colleen went off to 8th grade this morning to the high school, on the bus leaving at 6:35 a.m. Next comes Chris’s bus, and he’s standing at the door waiting for it now, at 7:09, and it’s due to come at 7:12.

Then Ryan will go to his bus at 7:30, and he just got up and ate. Then I have two appts. today.

The summer went JUST as fast as I thought it would. I’m glad I didn’t wish it away. I had one pool day, one beach day, and a lot of nice walks, including a few in the woods. I did work some, but not to excess.

I think the kids were VERY bored at the end.

Next entry will be pictures!