Schedule that mess!



Household Schedule





  • Wipe woodwork, wash walls, wash windows
  • Wash furniture, vacuum furniture
  • Rotate cushions, clean coat closet


  • straighten, dust & vacuum bedrooms
  • work on 1 annual chore 1st week



  • wash dishes
  • wipe counters
  • plan dinner
  • make beds, straighten bedrooms and bathroom
  • straighten and vacuum living room

MY CLEANING SITE from about 1994

Yep, that’s a tiny example of that schedule, which I started in approximately 1994 on my word processor back then, to try and get organized with my housework.  I would follow it in tiny spurts, and I even for a while had a following on an organizing site on the internet, in approximately 1998, where people said it was an awesomely successful schedule (maybe not those EXACT words, LOL), but they liked it, and followed it.  I was temporarily famous. 

I would like to try it again.  It’s been about 5 years since I’ve attempted it, as I felt I would just be overwhelmed with it with work and school.  However, maybe if I make an amended version like


  • if you pick something up, put it back
  • if you dribble on the counter, wipe it up!
  • and (Dorene) when you open the mail, PUT IT AWAY!

I have to stop stacking things.  It’s driving me nuts.  I don’t know that I’ll ever stop Ryan from dumping toys, or get Colleen to scrub the floor (without bribery), but if I could just receive my electric bill, open it, throw the envelope in the recycle box, and put in the bill file, my life would be so much easier.

I did make a place for my coat as we really don’t have a coat closet. See my basket – and I’m putting my hat, gloves, etc., there without fail! This is a step forward.

Now to see about redoing that schedule Smile  But first, back to studying for algebra test and then transcription.


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