25 years ago


25 years ago today Rog and I went out for the “last time as just friends.” We had breakfast or lunch with my mom, and went to a Petra concert (I think that’s who it was?) We had been best friends for 4 months since meeting in our band in December, but I was actually dating someone else!

We had gone out as friends with the gang from college and a few times by ourselves. However, the attraction was growing!! The evening of March 25th we realized that I had a decision to make, as Rog said for the first time the words “I love you” to me.

On March 26, 1984, I made the decision to break up with the first guy (a great guy, and he’s happily married, to my knowledge to this day!) and I have been with Rog ever since.

25 years (and many pounds!) later, here we still are!

Love you, Rog!