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Our first major bonfire of 07 —

June bonfire 002

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What a beautiful night! After a few days of [for me] oppressive heat I really enjoyed a day in the mid 60’s today and an evening by the fire with us heating grilled hot dogs and s’mores 🙂 We wore long sleeves and jeans and enjoyed the fire and got rid of a ton of “burnables” from my cleaning the office.

In other news, Chris has finished his first week off of school and has one more week off before he starts summer school June 18. There are some pictures in the Flickr area of where we visited his summer camp yesterday (he got to enjoy a hot dog there too!). They seem like they will be very capable with him over the summer and he’ll have a good time swimming some days too!

Ryan and Colleen had their last day of school Thursday so have only been off a few days. Ryan keeps us so busy it seems like he’s been out of school longer then that, but on the other hand time flies when you’re having fun 😉 so I know it will really go fast. Colleen goes to her water camp 2x a week and that lasts for 5 weeks so she’ll be busy with that. Then Ryan starts his summer camp June 26 for 5 weeks. I shall be busy like a “soccer mom” transporting kiddoes.

Rog is still staying busy with his court researching and was just out of town this week. We enjoyed him today first day home and I think the kids wore him out outside 😉 and he did a lot of yard work too. I tried to start cleaning my bedroom but didn’t get very far.

I tested and passed for a new insurance typing place a few weeks ago and am busy training for them now. They pay a little more than my beloved RT (who I’ll still work for) and will make a nice mix. I also was asked to test at another place I used to work for and will be trying that in the fall (don’t want to rush into anything else right now over summer when I need to take a step back due to kids home).


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