4 1/2 pounds down!

I’m on day 10 now, and excited to be able on my birthday (Thursday) at the beginning of my third week to be able to eat a little whole grain bread, fruit, and whole wheat pasta again! I have felt well and make sure I eat the 3 healthy snacks suggested. My day usually consists of either a veggie omelette or cottage cheese with veggies, and lunch is usually a salad or some stew or soup or something. Dinner we often serve the family something like spaghetti and I’ll have a chicken breast with veggies and spaghetti sauce and mozz. cheese. Snacks are veggies and dip, or a cheese stick, or nuts.

I’m ready to be skinny again like when I got married!



5 thoughts on “4 1/2 pounds down!”

    1. Re: your post to me from January.

      Hi Colleen — I was answering back some posts to me on my journal and I don’t think I ever thanked you for this post! Thanks for thinking of me when I lost my job.

      I hope you are having a nice day today—–

      love, dori

  1. Hey I found your journal through Colleen and I read your info page and saw that you have a child with ADHD and Autism. My 9 year old sister has ADHD my 18 year old sister was born with hardly any brain cells. I know how hard it can be to raise kids with special needs, well to an extent anyway, since I helped my mom alot.

    I used to get payed through the state to take care of 2 boys that were autistic. I find autism very fasinating. I got really attached to one boy whom I took care of for a year until they moved to Texas. Did you know you can get help through the state to get caregivers? I’m sure you do but I wanted to mention it just in case.

    Sorry about your job:( Hopefully you find one you will enjoy more.

    1. Re: your post to me from January.

      Hi Shelly – thanks for writing me a while ago! I have been reading your journal still and Colleen’s also. I have also been trying to write in mine a little more!!

      My daughter Colleen (yes, another Colleen!) is also being evaluated for Asperger’s Syndrome now, and I have just been diagnosed myself with ADD.

      Are you in college now? Do you still plan to care for autisic children? I DIDN’T know I could get regular caregivers until 2003!!! He’s been special needs since 1992, I can’t believe I didn’t know that. We used for a while last year until I made too much $ with my job. i have not started to use it again yet – we are just now getting very involved with respite care again, which is a little different, but similar – caregivers coming to the home sent from MRDD facilities, where the state is nurses’ aides sent from area nursing centes. We went this way for now because the respite workers from MRDD can watch our other kids too, where the aide we had from the State could only watch Chris (our 13-year-old autistic son).

      Love to write more — I’ll try and comment in your journal more. Hope everything is going well!


    2. Re: your post to me from January.

      I forgot to say, too, I decided not to look for a job at this time in an steady manner. I am just trying to get organized at home and really look at my children’s needs. It was just getting way out of hand while I was working; I couldn’t keep ahead of it all!!

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