OKAY, I finally did it. I’m back on the Beach. I haven’t done Phase 1 since May of 04 (I lost 20 pounds that summer) and I forgot how hard it is. But I got scared into doing it when I weighed myself yesterday and I was 180 – HORRORS. I hadn’t been that high since May of 05 when I kind of combined South Beach, Weigh Down and Richard Simmons together and lost 15 pounds. I’d maintained about 165 through the winter of 05, then hit 170 last summer, and 175 last fall. But 180 – NO!

I just jumped into it and didn’t even have the food in the house until later yesterday – you should have seen me making my vegetable omelette with shrivelly onion and peppers. And some stale nuts for my snack. But was in heaven later yesterday after the store with fresh plate of some fish and later the stir fried mushrooms and fresher onion – ha!

Today though I have a migraine – blach – but I don’t think it’s from the diet. I think it’s from AF. Don’t the carb withdrawals take about 4 days to hit? That’s my recollection.

So, day 2 of Phase 1- I can have fruit in 12 more days, and funny that’s what I’m REALLY craving now. Fruit. Not my cola, not cookies, not chips – FRUIT. But my deviled eggs actually tasted really good now.

dori, who was really worried this morning after throwing up with the migraine that I was going to blow it and end up having ginger ale and crackers, but it passed. Thankfully.

180/178/125 (yes I lost 2 pounds the first day – water weight)


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