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the keyboard calls again —

and once again I’m getting addicted to transcription!

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Comments: copied update with some additions at the bottom as I’ve been too busy to post anywhere – hope everyone is well – I’m TIRED! but happy, mostly ;}

Hello! been working on all sorts of things, Trying to send from gmail again – we’ll see if it works. I reconfigured it. I found out today I wasn’t getting mail from a manager out at Rapid Text as well – I emailed them about it (I read about the emails on my board) and never heard back, so just called them and she found my emails in her spam folder! So I’m definitely hoping this gmail works as something seems goofy with sbcglobal!

She sent me 5 emails that I hadn’t gotten, and one was about legal calls they need help with from police departments. It sounds REALLY interesting but I don’t know if I should try it or not. I asked if she needed back up help at all or if only one person has to do all the work. I don’t think I could take it all on.

Right now what I’m planning to do steadily is just do insurance transcriptions one day a week. Then my local client has been busy so I actually worked 5-7 days out of 10 the last 2 weeks. I don’t know if I should add the police typing work as well – it is with the same company….

With my local client that I’ve worked for now since last week – I ended up stopping early and letting him know, sending him what I had, and he was fine with that. I just couldn’t finish it all because we had to leave for the dr for Chris. He said Monday was fine. The formatting of Word ended up taking a long time and I’m only about 1/3 done with it. So, so far, I’ve completed: landscape version of Power Point (which he ended up not really needing, but he’s still paying me for it), portrait version of that, then the Power point to Word document of the slides that are little (don’t know if he really wants that or not but that didn’t take any time so I’m not charging for it anyway – it took like one minute to convert!) and then now the copying and pasting of each content of each text box on 34 pp of Power point! I tried to convert a PAGE at a time by copying and pasting but it didn’t work – I couldn’t format the images, they were like buried. So I’m doing one window and image at a time on each page -not hard but very time consuming! I assume it’ll take me about another 4 hours.

Ryan fell asleep on the couch – he’s so cute!

I need to have a long office time of filing, bill sorting, to-do list making, and phone call placing!!! Hopefully next week maybe Tuesday? Some things I can’t even remember if I did them, in my to-do folder!

And eventually I need to get the Christmas things put away from the basement and Colleen’s and our room. Doreen put away Chris’ tree and I took down the wreath yesterday. Gayle put the lights in a bag that were from outside. So next week I’ll have to make another attic trip. Monday and Tues. of this past week I took down the major items out of the living room, outside, etc. and put away. I loved Christmas this year (went too fast!) but I was ready for the spaces to be cleared again, finally.

I got the living room cleaned more last night but still have a pile of sorting to do.

For the first time in a long time we ate out tonight. I was so tired and had no dinner made, so we went to Wendy’s. Chris saw his doctor today and he’s recommending we try a new med called Abilify. I’ve heard of it before but am really really nervous about this! I know though that we need to do something. I am just afraid he might get worse and quit sleeping. I have to GIVE it to the Lord – he is not progressing as he is and we all agree he needs a change. It’s just scary.

It’s been hard getting up lately! I loved the kids all in school most of the week, but getting up was rough. This morning I got up early (5:30) because I needed to make mushroom recipe for Colleen’s school. They needed it for science. I made broccoli casserole with extra mushrooms. Then I had to start proofing for work. Colleen ended up missing her bus because we didn’t even hear it – it must have been early. Luckily the boys got up right then and I drove her to school.

It’s amazing how blessed we’ve been with work. Almost overwhelming. We made a goal right after Christmas to try again to get out of debt – it’s been harder since we moved and almost tripled our house payment. That’s one reason I started working again. But a lot more duties have been added to Roger’s days now at Sunlark – tax lien collections and marriage records, in addition to the regular mortgage files, and he has 11 counties now. AND his old job has picked up a little – he’s working for them a few days this coming week.

Then I’m doing the insurance claims once a week now, and debating about the police calls, and then the local guy that calls. I’m not as wound up about going to court reporting school now – not that I don’t want to but now with all that’s being added to my plate now I’m not sure I’ll be ready by September. It’s like I know that I’ll get paid more if I do That job, but I won’t even be ready [by graduating] probably for about 5 years. But I can make money doing these things now, and right now is when we’re most in debt.

So, I’m back more like I was last year, getting obsessed with transcription šŸ˜‰ but the good thing is this year Rog is also working a lot and Hopefully we can catch up and get ahead.

I’m falling asleep, just wanted to update you all!

oh, additionally, about the kids:

Chris is on a new behavior plan at school for his excessive pushing behavior (literally pushing like a football player to where he wants to go). I don’t know if it’s going to work or not – we’ll see. They are getting an extra aide for the room and just trying to do a hands off approach and trying more with pictures and gestures to get him to behave. I hope it works – I know here at home I don’t get anywhere with him no matter what I do and he pretty much rules the roost and does whatever he wants because he’s too big to stop. Luckily, it usually involves a piece of cheese, nothing more dangerous than that, but I don’t like being out of control. Usually lately he just wants to sit and look at magazines.

Colleen is doing okay but still we struggle a lot – sometimes it’s harder with her than the boys – in a different way. It’s like I want her to do SO well because she’s the “normal” one and I push her a lot. She’s very artsy, talented, creative, and fun. But I have to sit on her with schoolwork!

Ryan is doing okay – we will find out next month if they think he has autism or not. I think he’s mellowing out A LITTLE but he’s still often very hyper.

sleep is definitely calling


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