autistic toddler running into traffic

I am sure you may have already heard about it but it’s the mom who’s 3 year old ran into traffic. Just one of hundreds of stories I’ve read 1-2 of her kids are possibly autistic, that she is pregnant, that she’s suffering from depression, that she is on her 6th child (pregnancy), and that there was poop in her house. She is being slammed, and her myspace:
(2020 – empty space at this point as is the story, above) not always a good testimony for her (let’s say it’s really not at all a good testimony) but I just feel this woman needs some prayers.

Thanks — dori

(2020 – God knows who she is and still hears our prayers!!!  Her kids are probably grown now, and Lord knows in what situation – with family?  Group home?  Grown to be more independent somehow and living on their own?  God knows!  Indeed.  And prayers to them and all of us.)