The holiday season!

christmas 06 002

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We put up our tree Thanksgiving morning – we love this tree – a 9′ prelit we bought when we had our last Christmas in our old house in 2004. We had such a small house that after I bought it (half off, after Christmas) I was having a panic attack over where I’d put it (there would have honestly been NO ROOM in that house!) that it was a joy to put it in our living room in our new house last year. Our house was so much more bare last year as we’d just moved in!! Now I have a lot of decluttering to do to display our Christmas ornaments!

We’re still waiting to decorate it and unpack the rest of our Christmas boxes. The boxes are jokingly in another picture I took on my flickr picture list on the right of the blog. at least 20 boxes! They are still sitting there. I need to start unpacking them tonight since Ryan fell asleep easily at 9 and Chris is very calm!! Then I can take the boxes back up in the attic.

I love Christmas. It just comes so fast. I can’t believe it’s only a month away. I need to finish my Christmas web greeting site and start my Christmas cards also. I feel behind!

Happy season’s beginning to all!!!


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