holidays, reflections


I really need to focus on some positives if possible, with tomorrow being Thanksgiving.

  • Ryan learned to use the mouse today and painted and painted until he was tuckered out and cranky on Jumpstart Preschool 🙂
  • Ryan is learning some academics in school.
  • Chris also has learned many chores and tasks at school that are useful, and we hope to incorporate them into his everyday life and home.
  • We have this wonderful home with enough room for us and the beautiful yard and trees
  • Colleen has made many good friends, and their families are good to her and welcoming.
  • The kids are in good school systems with lots of support and therapies.
  • I am not working right now (though with finances I may have to soon…. sigh).
  • I really have everything I need, physically. We are not hungry, cold, or sick.
  • We have family that helps A LOT. Financially, physically, emotionally.
  • And we have God, and Jesus, as our ultimate support and help. Now and in eternity.

Now, what we need to work on:

  • I need to do my best of keeping things as stress-free as possible at home, and try and keep things neat and orderly (a continuous challenge, more and more all the time, for some reason)
  • To continue trying to teach all the kids more and more skills, such as how Ryan is using computer.
  • Keep trying to find more services and helps in the home for things like getting the boys on a schedule and chore list.
  • Plan when I’m going to start court reporting school so I can get a career that pays a lot for a very few hours work…
  • Try and cut some unnecessary expenses and use credit cards less.
  • Pray and study more in His Word.

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