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GOOD NEWS – I have work. 90 minutes of dictation to work on transcribing until Monday night. It’s due Tuesday morning. And the kids have their camp at MRDD center today (Colleen volunteers) so Rog and I are still going to lunch (we think) and then I’ll type about 3 hours. I’m going to type now, and tomorrow early morning, too. I hadn’t worked since Jan. 31 so I was getting nervous!  I have 2 clients so far (this one now is from 2000 and I hadn’t worked for them since then, because I’d gotten that full-time legal transcription job at the end of 2000 and gave up all the others).

BAD NEWS – we found our little Spice (hamster) Angel expired in the sump pump last night. She was missing from her cage in the middle of the night when I woke from the couch, and with Colleen gone at the friend’s overnight and Rog looking for jobs on the computer no one got her down earlier. I expect she escaped sometime Thursday night after one of us put her back in her cage. She was such a sweetie. We will miss her very much. I was crying and crying. After sleeping on the couch 9-1:30 a.m. I ended up being up until 3:30 after discovering her and then crying. Then I got up at 6 to start typing.

We still have a guinea pig (Reese) that my mom brought over to visit Colleen – she’s been her a few days. She’s sweet, but I don’t know her like my Houdini Spice — she ended up having 6 lives as that’s how many times she’d escaped without killing herself…..

must work now….hope these files are easy to 

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  1. Aw, that’s a sad way to go. It reminded me of how sad I was when I came home from a vacation and my frog was “missing.” I left my brother in charge of my aquarium, which only had my Albino clawed frog and a gold fish in it, and apparently he went in to feed them, and Oscar was just gone…When I finally got home to see for myself, the gold fish was huge, there was a piece missing from the cover, and the dog and cat were acting suspicious. I think we just let it go as a super conspiracy by the gold fish, the cat, and the dog.

    How are the kids taking it?

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