HOUSE NEWS — and NEW COMPUTER all set up too —-

just copying this as I have no time, but hope to post more soon!

Well, we did it, we bid on a house. It’s the one we first saw back in June – they lowered price from 149,9 to 142 and we offered 134. We’ll see. We need a contingency – they may not accept that. We’ve looked inside 2x and drove by probably 8 times. It needs work – probably $20,000 worth with garage updating, finishing off a fence, and fixing front steps. But it’s a very nice neighborhood, beautiful wooded lot, and good schools.

more soon – love, d

Time: Monday, 8/29/2005 1:23:15 PM (#71899)
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Bid was tentatively counteroffered at 139,000. They will waive the contingency fee (every month paying more until we sell the house) if we accept the 139. However, we have to see if we can qualify for that much – I kind of doubt it. So we’ll see!

There are a lot of little problems with the house that add up to some biggies, which is why we didn’t want to spend too much for it. Front steps need totally redone, and the bathroom & shower in basement need work. Gayle is worried about the handle on the shower being located badly so that someone could get burned because you can’t adjust without being in there. (I didn’t remember that). But there are 3 bathrooms one of which has a regular shower and bathtub, so we could take time to fix the extra one.

Also the basement stairs are extremely steep.

Time: Monday, 8/29/2005 1:27:31 PM (#71900)
User: dori

Comments: I would like to have an inspection on the house. Do you do that after you make the offer, etc., or before? I would also like to get in one more time myself! Rog and his parents went in yesterday for a 2nd time but I’ve not been in there since June (I loved it at that time!)

Ahh, so stressful yet exciting!

We would have to put up our house IMMEDIATELY on the market – luckily the guy who is selling this house is an independent with a 0% down plan and also good rates on buying/selling so we’d probably just go with him. I’m talking with Rog’s sister (who works at a bank) to see if we can be approved any higher on our preapproval we got in June – we were approved at 108,000.


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  1. Dori,

    That is exciting. If it is God’s will, you will get the house. The right one is waiting for you. You’re right, both stressful AND exciting!

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