chris, deafness

Thanks for prayers —

Chris went through the test fine. I’m so relieved about that.

About the results —

he is severely and/or profoundly deaf – 80-120 dcb. Apparently this is almost totally deaf. He may be helped by cochlear implants. So obviously something genetic here. Both boys are getting blood tests to check on genetic causes, and my daughter needs to be tested too.

and our refrigerator’s broken (for the 3rd time in 3 weeks).
more soon —


6 thoughts on “Thanks for prayers —”

  1. Oh! One more thing! About the chochlear implants. My friend’s DH had one done and he had been deaf from birth. He can HEAR NOW! It is truly a good procedure if he has nerve deafness.

    1. Thank you – and we are also encouraged about the cochlear implants!! We just hope the dr. says he’s eligible – that he has enough hearing to try it. His appointment is Sept. 15…

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