another survey

You’re wearing: short overalls, striped shirt, underwear, bra, gold earrings
You can see: monitor, stuffed animals, speakers, disks, phone
You can hear: Arthur on PBS, air conditioning, typing fingers, daughter opening ice cream bar,
Favorite colors: blue, purple, green, mauve, sea green
Favorite songs: He reigns, You raise me up, Amazing Grace, Heart of Worship, new Evannescence song
Favorite movies: Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Just Married
Favorite stores: Kohls, Walmart, ToysRUs, Target, Aldi’s
Favorite people: Husband, son, daughter, son, friends
People you love: My family, best friends
People you hate: No one
That get on your nerves: Crashing computers (this one), not enough time, not enough money, things not going according to plan, lack of sleep
That you did today: Went to Y with kids, reformatting computer, backing up photos, made breakfast and lunch
That you’ll do tomorrow: Taking RJ to speech therapy, cleaning, taking Colleen to VBS, visiting with friends, cooking
People you miss/haven’t seen in 6+ months: Vicki, Lisa, Jeannine, Grandma, Grandpa
People you have dated/”gone out” with: DH!, Andy C, Andy A, Chuck, Ray

5 Things brought to you by BZOINK!


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