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Guilty again!   Leave a comment

    Yes, I’m guilty again, of not posting because: I don’t have time. I don’t have anything new to say. What I’m interested in saying really won’t interest anyone. That is really ridiculous, though, as even if no one else reads this, I read it.  I do go back and look at these from […]

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Seems fitting to attend a great barbecue the week before school!   Leave a comment

Sometimes it’s challenging to get through the summer easily trying to keep two rambunctious boys happy and safe in the heat.  But all in all I think we all accomplished this this summer.  We have worked as a team – Chris stays at his paternal grandparents’ still (while we await, seek, and research the appropriate […]

The brick wall   5 comments

Getting Chris into the placement he needs (National Deaf Academy, which will meet his psychiatric, physical, deafness, and autism needs) has proven to be quite a challenge. Chris recently underwent a med change at our local hospital due to increased agitation and other situations. However, the next step necessary to complete this med change is […]

Something to know if your loved one is placed in residency —   Leave a comment

When you reach the difficult decision to place your son or daughter with a disability in a group home, it is good to know what services will actually be lost when they go in. Now, there is no problem most likely if the home provides good services while he or she is there, and keeps […]

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Change is hard   Leave a comment

Upon a time of turmoil this Amy Grant song lifted me up through tears of grief yet tears of cleansing, and it is doing it again. Words by Brown Bannister, Chris Christian, Amy GrantFrom the album Never Alone I had laid some mighty plansThought I held them in my handsThen my world began to crumble […]

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Completely overwhelmed, but still soothed by nature’s glory   Leave a comment

042 Originally uploaded by criscollrj I’ve noticed that nature greatly soothes me as well as prayer. And also just being with family and laughing. But things are crazy, and I just have never any time for blogging, etc. I often think lately that I’d just like to totally quit working so I can catch up […]

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Looking down the road   Leave a comment

I know that everyone with an autistic child, whether or not they have mild autism, severe autism, or autism spectrum along with another disability such as bipolar, deafness, blindness, or something completely different, doesn’t know what they will expect as their child (children) grow older. It is almost too overwhelming to look at as everyday […]

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Almost August and I haven’t even been swimming yet!   Leave a comment

DSC00709 Originally uploaded by criscollrj We took this back in June when we did take Colleen & her friend to the beach for a while. We haven’t been back. I didn’t go in that day and neither did Ryan — Ryan has been afraid of the “different” lake water and this is the closest he’s […]

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Where’s Chris? At the blue house…   Leave a comment

1-26-03 005 Originally uploaded by criscollrj. Chris has been at his new home over a month now. It’s going very well! It’s odd though to have him gone. I know he’s getting a lot of outings, is on a very good routine, and with the low-fat diet he’s on he’s lost 11 pounds! Ryan has […]

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Colleen back to school—   Leave a comment

IMG_1968 Originally uploaded by criscollrj. Colleen went back to school yesterday but only made it half the day. She saw four of her friends, though, including the girl in the middle. Girl on right is still at the middle school. They’re not in any of her classes. She got to three classes and then came […]

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Posted September 10, 2008 by criscollrj in chris, colleen, residency

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