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up early? NA, THERE’S A TIME CHANGE – it’s later than you THINK!   1 comment

Ha! I got up at 5 to start my depo proofing (I’m weird and actually like getting up early – though I do feel the start of a cold from my sleep kinda being untypical lately – like staying up until 1 Friday night typing, sleeping until 7 on Saturday, then falling asleep at like 9 last night, sleeping until 12, trying to get up and proofread, then my son getting up and my having to go get him back to sleep, then getting up at 5 with the alarm (trying to take advantage of that time when he’s asleep don’cha know!)

Well, I looked with surprise at my computer and it said 6:30 (I’d been leisurely in the bathroom, checking my email, getting a cup of tea for the sore throat, for half hour before I looked at it) and I was discombobulated for a minute before I remembered, oh, spring ahead. Back to standard time here in the “northeastern midwest” of Ohio


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Posted April 2, 2006 by criscollrj in life, sleep, transcription

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One response to up early? NA, THERE’S A TIME CHANGE – it’s later than you THINK!

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  1. haha, i was the same way…i had no idea today was the day to set the clocks ahead until the nice cashier at cumberland farms reminded me at midnight!

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