Grateful 2018

Of course I never did a Christmas newsletter with finishing my semester on December 31 on the deadline and then jumping right into emergencies after that!  So I do wish a happy 2018 to all reading!

We are grateful for many things right now and just wanted to offer that in writing – thanking the Lord, all the people that have been “rocks” to us in the challenges and changes we had the last few years, and everyone that had been praying.  All your prayers are still appreciated!

Also, this Christmas, we received a very special gift from an anonymous “Santa.”  If you are on Facebook and/or on my blog, just know that we forever will appreciate it!!!!  Thank you!!!! You gave us an immense blessing.

After about two years of extreme struggles and challenges, Chris finally is in a very stable situation with both workshop and home staff and situations.  This is a blessing from God and everyone can see the better place he is now in.  It has been many years since he has done this well.

Colleen moved out with friends in November of 2017 and is doing very well.  She can finally enjoy all her animals in her own apartment.  She still is working at the pet store and I believe she is in a peaceful contented place.  Prayers are appreciated of course as she sets out on her own journey and discovering who she is.

Ryan turns 16 today (and I turn 53!) in a few hours and he is doing very well at school as always, and he still will be coming with us on our work trips a few times a year.  It will be neat to see what he will do vocationally in the next few years, another road map unknown.

I graduate FINALLY sometime this summer – as fast as I can write a major research paper with accompanying tasks and do a 60 hour observation course with accompanying tasks.  I see being done probably by July.  I’d love us to go to Washington DC for that commencement ceremony but will see….  And Roger is still looking to go back.  We still do our data entry and just recently got a nice typing job for a printing company through a friend.

Blessings to you all!!!

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