Snow is back!

2013-01-24 08.13.39After last year feeling we may have moved to North Carolina without knowing it, as we had hardly any snow, we are making up for it now!  We started to get snow on Christmas Eve and had a gorgeous view when we went to our church’s Christmas Eve singing on the town square, and had various adventures driving and having cars stuck in driveways!  Then we had a brief break to green grass in January, and then about a week ago the snow machine turned back on!

2013-01-21 09.10.502013-01-21 09.11.062013-01-21 12.27.412013-01-21 12.27.482013-01-21 12.27.57We have had almost continuous snow since Monday – one week.  I love it, but myself had various misadventures driving in it, including having to turn around and come home last Monday when conditions were impassable to pick up my mother (who was to watch Ryan the next day so I could go to class, as he had no school).  So of course there are consequences of my lovely beautiful snow that are not so lovely!  I was really shaky when I got home from that particular dark, swirling, drifting, sliding, foggy window, trip… worst I’d ever driven in!

As I have vowed though, I never complain about winter, as I hate the extreme heat with a passion and have a privilege of complaining all summer about it!  ha ha.  So as I brush my car off AGAIN and have to go 15-20 AGAIN when the speed limit is 35, or 40, or 60, I will not complain!  Just hope we are all safe driving, and that we all have a healthy respect for the elements and stay home and look out the window when we can!

These are some of the scary consequences that can happen:

 I-90 pileup in our town — I almost was there.  I was coming home from taking Colleen to Lakeland for her college classes, and the roads were extremely bad!  I decided to take Route 84 instead, a parallel route, and it was terrible too, but after I heard about all the accidents I was so glad I chose 84 instead!

Well, it is a new year, and I am busier than ever.  I, however, feel that I definitely want to blog more than twice a year, which is probably about how much I blogged in 2012.  I am going to try and blog weekly, perhaps shorter posts.  I will probably never be less busy than I am, so shall try and start.

Next week, I will post about my new classes (Math Concepts II, Statistics [actually called Quantitative Methods in Psychology, impressively, LOL – a requirement for my hopeful future speech pathology major], Language Disorders (another SPA requirement for the future), and Characteristics of Special Education.)



2013-01-24 16.55.53

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