Wow, somehow I did it.  Due to my just plowing into things at times, I got myself into a situation where I was doing schoolwork every waking hour almost.  Taking seven credit hours (2 5-week classes, 1 8-week class) sounded like a great idea in the spring.  Only seven credit hours, should be easy!  I didn’t think about the fact that I was taking them in a third of the time as usual so, duh, they would be accelerated!


So I just finished the equivalent basically of 21 credit hours (7 times 3).  I took about 21 also in fall of 84 – that was the last time I took so many.  I remember thinking at that time that I’d never do that again – that was quarters so must have been 10 weeks, and I was working too – ha!  I remember thinking I’d go nuts. 




I am proud of myself though.  As far as I know I got at least 2 B’s – hoping maybe one was an A but not sure.  Still working on the third class – have a B now I think but am pretty sure I can bring up to an A now that it’s my only class.


Happy to be able to breathe again and catch up on time with the family AND the housework!  And if I ever did get to the point I would go full time again, maybe I could make the Dean’s list again (only did it twice in my life).


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