27 years

27 years ago I made a decision to be what at the time I was pretty sure was your life-mate, even though we were just starting to date!  March 25, 1984 we went out as “friends,” but felt it, both of us, that evening, the fact that we were falling in love.  I was actually dating someone else; you were not.  I had dated someone else for about 5 months, and he was nice and very kind and generous, but there was something about you that drew me, like a spiritual connection.

We dated for 2 years, 2 months or so before we got engaged, and then we got married, one week after I got my associate’s degree, June of 1987.  Never did we know what all these years would hold.  What a wild ride we have had!  Still you are there, the father of our three children.

I love you, and I pray for you as you have hopefully your last surgery for your recent troubles, next week, and pray that God will sustain you and give us many more years together.