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In my spare time, here and there, have been tagging and categorizing my posts back to 2003.  I got to November 2005, then just found a way today to import all the comments from Livejournal!  This is exciting as I just don’t get to Livejournal much anymore so this way all my comments both from […]

beginnings of the fence!   2 comments

http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b326/criscollrj/moved%20in/?sc=3 first 5 pics – more to come.![ad#Google Adsense]

Posted June 17, 2006 by criscollrj in house repairs

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YIKES!   1 comment

Just found old from our old neighbor that there’s WATER pouring out of our old house that was nearly done and ready to put on the market. Chuck and Gayle and Rog are on their way over to survey the damage and start the clean up. I hope it’s not too bad…. [ad#Google Adsense]

Posted May 20, 2006 by criscollrj in house repairs

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Wow, this “My LJ” is pretty cool!   Leave a comment

I suddenly have this my LJ page – wonder how long I didn’t see this? A place to answer recent comments to me – cool! Just the recent happenings – then rushing off …. update – turned out there was a big root in the line going from the downstairs sewer. The plumbers explained that […]

Posted November 12, 2005 by criscollrj in house repairs

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plumbing   1 comment

QUICKLY. Thanks for comments all! It just seems to go on and on here. I wil have to do my complete summary soon – it is very interesting! But no time now. We LOVE OUR HOUSE. However, we have some plumbing problems. Much more than owner indicated. Only problem he indicated was that toilet upstairs […]

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Posted November 9, 2005 by criscollrj in house repairs

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