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Teaching Enjoyment   2 comments

Ahh, so many ways to look at that. I thought of that title the other day while trying to help Chris with some things. And as my mind will play with words I realized there were two ways to look at that. The first way is how when trying to plan events with Chris, I […]

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Appts.—   Leave a comment

Ryan had some new appts. this week. These are copied from a post I did about them – the first one is yesterday: “Don’t know if I ever mentioned but we had a long-awaited genetics appointment today. At first, I was going to be tested for connexion 26 (an inherited hearing disorder – my dad […]

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silence, and PDD   Leave a comment

I think about what it must be like for Chris, not being able to hear or speak. I don’t think about it often, though, because it will make me cry and look at things that seem unfixable. But I know God has a plan and a purpose, though it’s hard to see what it is.

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3 with autism diagnosis —   3 comments

Ryan was diagnosed today with ADHD and also suspected PDD (pervasive developmental disorder, the umbrella term of autism that is most mild). He went ahead and gave the PDD diagnosis [which he suspected but didn’t know how much of the behaviors could be from his hearing loss] to enable him to have the most schooling […]

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over 100 things   Leave a comment

over 100 things… We have always felt the Lord has a plan for our lives. Part of that plan apparently is that we have children with some special needs. Our goal is to seek Him on His will through this and how to help ourselves and help others. In my childhood I read a book […]

Ryan the rebel   2 comments

User: dori Comments: Ryan’s been kicked out of day care. I’m kinda devastated about it. He can try this other day care at the multi-handicapped school that the owner also runs – she is recommending it and will waive half the fee (since that center is not ELI (Early Learning Initiative) it is not free), […]

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PDD   2 comments

working now, but … went to the neuro, and he thinks Ryan may have PDD. Even with knowing it could happen, I still feel like I got kicked in the stomach. I know it’s not a death sentence, but…. ugh. I really thought he was doing well and I don’t think he DOESN’T think Ryan […]

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Yawn….. grrr.   2 comments

I’m not very happy about the fact that Chris is up at 2:15 a.m. Just Sunday night he stayed up all night until 6 a.m. He seems to be doing this more often. Last year he started sleeping regularly July 15 with his hospitalization/med change. From july 15 until sometime at late fall he slept […]

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Ryan autism?   3 comments

On Ryan he has what’s called “a flat moderate sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally.” I got his report today and shared with some of the professionals that need it. I need to fax to more people tomorrow. In addition to following upon the hearing loss the final instruction was “continue with psychological/neurologic workup and monitoring for […]

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