If anyone is looking for my Christmas letter —

it’s coming!!! Every year I do a Christmas letter and photo page – and I’ve gone from making a complete web site for them (a la https://criscollrj.com/christmas%20index.html to putting them on my Blog. Usually I have it done and out by now and really enjoy writing to all of my email friends (I have hundreds!). I used to do it when Chris would be up all night and I wasn’t working at home at the time, and would spend a lot of time on it.

I think last year was the first year ever that I believe I just sent to everyone and didn’t get to write a letter to everyone. I missed doing that. I surely hope I can squeeze it in this year – but don’t know that it will be before Christmas.

If any of you are on my email list – know it’s coming, and we’re thinking of each and every one of you!!

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