email to my friend + some updates added…..

Things seem to be really coming to a head with Chris. He would not get on the bus yesterday. Nor would he get on the bus today.

Yesterday, being the first day it happened, he wanted to look at this magazine. I’d taken it away from him, and got him to the bus, and he wouldn’t board. Me and the bus driver tried to “roll” him onto the bus and get his legs on but he would only lay on the steps and not get up. So finally after 10 minutes we gave up. I still had Colleen and Ryan to get ready and I’d lost that time. So I got them ready and on their buses but not in the best shape.

Chris would not get on his bus again. Because I overslept I didn’t have the other kids ready early in case he did that again. So Colleen went to school very quickly on her own – I’m not even sure if she brushed her hair, and she didn’t get to eat much. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get up a half hour earlier than usual and get both my other kids ready earlier so we’re prepared if Chris pulls the same trick and doesn’t go to school [I end up out at the bus for 10-15 minutes trying to push/entice him on and am not in the house getting the others ready, including my almost 5 year old – Colleen has to babysit him while I’m on the bus with Chris].

Chris’s school is having emergency meeting Monday to try and figure out what to do…

Needless to say it’s discouraging. It’s all in God’s hands. I just think something is going to happen.

I didn’t check my furniture yet with that little flood we had. It was very shallow so I don’t think it hurt – I hope not!!! I’m sure it’s not good for the legs of things like the organ and coffee table though – sigh.

This was a flood a few days ago caused by a malfunction of the hose in our laundry room. It was just about 1″ of water, not like the July thing, but still very annoying. Luckily the basement was fairly clear of stuff so nothing really was lost. We are still getting our basement redone shortly so glad it happened before that. We need to have the drain redone on the washer to prevent this hose from slipping again.

Gayle got the floors down there washed for me and that was wonderful. I have a lot of wet laundry to wash – I need to get my butt moving on that today or I’ll have moldy clothes. My mom also helped me get all my dishes washed, and Rog watched the kids last night during conferences. Our family works together!

First though I plan to shower – haven’t had one in 3 days [Monday I’d taken a nice LONG bubble bath AND a shower – didn’t know it would have to last me 3 days! 😛 ]

We had Colleen’s IEP yesterday, Chris’s school conference last night, and then Colleen’s are either tonight or next Wed. night. I think we’re going to wait and attend Colleen’s conferences next Wed. afternoon. We are all too tired to go tonight. At least I get to stay home today. I think Chris may have fallen asleep as he will with those meds. Maybe we should decrease them back to the prior amount – maybe he feels too tired to go to school? I don’t know… I need to call his psychiatrist.

We had increased his daytime meds a month or so ago after visiting his psychiatrist because we thought maybe that would help him behave better at school.

Arghgh! I forgot Ryan didn’t have his hearing aide mold yesterday! I had written his teacher that he came home with his hearing aides in bookbag, but without one of the molds. I searched the bookbag, etc. Then it went right out of my head and I forgot to double check with her or the bus system after that. She just called and wanted to know if I found it or anything and she said it’s NOT at the school, and she’s going to call the buses. I hope they find it!!

Chris fell asleep – I’m going to shower.

something I forgot to mention when I was adding to the email I’d sent my friend, to post here, something she was aware of but you may not be.

Chris is pushing a lot. He is not mean, but assertive. If he doesn’t want to do something, he pushes back like to go back in the house (today, yesterday, with the bus). If he wants to go somewhere he pushes towards that place. At school he is “plowing” through his teachers if he wants something or to do something. He is EXCELLENT at reading his picture icons now but is now using them to HIS purposes. He’s purposely getting his LAST icon down to do that work so he can get on his bus. He is very smart, understanding the whole process, and turning it to his ends. He has been “thrown out” basically of speech therapy due to pushing his weight around there and running out of the room and going back to to the car. We can’t stop him. He’s like a mack truck. Almost 200 pounds.

I basically now just let him do whatever he wants because I can’t stop him. He’s learned to unlock our door downstairs to the “hidden” refrigerator. So he gets cheese whenever he wants – if he finds it. I’m trying to hide what little I buy now in the back of that refrigerator. I’m trying not to buy much.

I’m thinking about epsom salts again – haven’t used those for a while.


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