I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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Overnights —   Leave a comment

Actually took this picture at dusk in December, but it was a neat example of darkness outside and how I captured it with my new camera at the time.   But overnight, such a peaceful time.  You want everything dark, and quiet, and to sleep solidly and restfully.  And you want that comfort and peace […]

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Missing writing, missing an important part of me!   Leave a comment

I need to take more time to write here. I do feel my life is kind of taking on a pace all of its own that half the time I feel I have no control over!!! First of all, Chris is doing great — We went out to eat with him today and he was […]

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Busy times!   Leave a comment

baseball 3 Originally uploaded by criscollrj. Ryan went to a baseball game and did great! He went with Papa and Dad. We also visited his new school, and went to an outing with Chris’s school mates. And Ryan went to a birthday party, and so did Colleen. I tried to put some of these pictures […]

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I do exist still —   Leave a comment

I think. We are so tired — all of us — our oldest has been ill and we are not sure what is wrong. He has autism as I mentioned before and he has been crying most of the time the last week. Drs. don’t know what to do. It’s sad and difficult. We love […]

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Posted April 15, 2003 by criscollrj in autism, children, health, sleep

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