I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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Grateful 2008   Leave a comment

Of course I never did a Christmas newsletter with finishing my semester on December 31 on the deadline and then jumping right into emergencies after that!  So I do wish a happy 2018 to all reading! We are grateful for many things right now and just wanted to offer that in writing – thanking the […]

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Christmas ’16/Happy New Year ’17/otherwise known as the Unfinished Post!   Leave a comment

February 4, 2017 I TYPED THIS January 1, with the expectation of having it done in a few days.  I never finished it.  I have not finished most of the things I am doing right now!  So I figured, what the heck, I will post this, and will probably give it a nick name of […]

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things seem to have not changed much in 6 years…   Leave a comment

In 2010 we tried to get Chris into a medical placement to help adjust his meds, to no avail.  I posted about it http://www.criscollrj.com/2010/05/23/the-brick-wall/ .  After that in 2011 we did manage to get a waiver and group home placement (in 2012), and I’m so grateful.  I also can work for Chris there which is […]

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Christmas Newsletter 2015   Leave a comment

  Well, all we continue to say after last year is that we are so glad Roger is with us this year!!  As I wrote last year, he was in the rehab center all last Christmas and it continued into February.  He was finally able to come out then and recuperated at his parents’ until […]

October 2015 Maryland vacation!   1 comment

  Ryan at the cabin   (Swanton, MD)                         Found the private neighborhood beach! Inside the cabin                                                  Walk up and down (really up and down!) the side roads.        Snow   I Great weekend get-away!         Nick clearing leaves off the porch  Side roads had amazing hills!     Monday morning walk   Swallows Falls […]

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Christmas Letter 2014   Leave a comment

A year of changes! God continues to lead! Roger had a necessary but elective hernia surgery and is in rehab recuperating from unexpected after-surgery complications. We miss him very much; luckily he is located close to us. We are personally experiencing Christmas being all about family and letting go of small stuff that doesn’t matter!… […]

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Sharing new IPad opportunity from Autism Speaks   Leave a comment

from Doug Flutie’s site. Autism Speaks’ iPad Grant Application is open today through Friday! 1,176 iPad 4s will be given to financially disadvantaged individuals with autism. They are also including a Kraken A.M.S. case, by Trident Case with each iPad! Their guidelines are as follows: Applications must be submitted by the person with autism, an […]

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Testing iPhone post   Leave a comment

Seeing how this works. One more day of Ryan’s two weeks off of any school/camp. He starts swim camp mon! Will see if this posts …maybe I’ll do better updating this from phone!

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Christmas Letter 2012   Leave a comment

  Chris we love to see smiling as he enjoys things in his life, visiting with family, as we all share his care along with his aids that he has, and we are grateful for all who love him! He is in adult workshop now, and we are glad the transition was smooth without a […]

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2012 Summer–super hot, super busy, flying by!   1 comment

I began the summer break on approximately May 1, 2012, with the completion of 4 classes – the most I’ve ever taken – centered on teaching itself (prerequisites done!).  I took Democracy and Education, Special Education, Motor Development, and Speech and Language courses, and with the heavy focus on writing in general in these courses […]

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