Christmas Letter 2014

A year of changes! God continues to lead! Roger had a necessary but elective hernia surgery and is in rehab recuperating from unexpected after-surgery complications. We miss him very much; luckily he is located close to us. We are personally experiencing Christmas being all about family and letting go of small stuff that doesn’t matter!…

In our year of changes I also discontinued overnight travelling with Roger. That was difficult after 5 years, but my mom’s availability changed with other family responsibilities. Going to Youngstown to work with Rog has become a great time of sharing for us, with our often going out for lunch. I go there myself now weekly.

I attended Western Governor’s from September 2013 straight through August of 2014, and then took a break of 2 months. I had a lot of room renovating to do, and we accomplished much sorting and purging! I did return to school in November, and now am recovering from a pre-renovation basement purging project. We will have newly clean and painted walls and floors! I can’t wait until it’s done and we can enjoy our basement again! My next break from school I’m planning for May

One tradition kept, we DID do was go to Kraynak’s Christmas store and display in Sharon with the Jevnikars, a tradition we do try almost yearly! It was a fantastic day with friends – we even met with my high school friend Annette and her family, as they live near there. We also enjoyed just today with the Jevnikars a Christmas party with pizza outing, bowling, and visit with Rog in the large party room at his rehab center.

Chris’s Autism Interventionist specialist still worked with him most of this year, aside from a leave she took.  We are still utilizing IPad and pecs on communication. He enjoys weekend outings with us!

Colleen continues in college, and this year began creating beautiful small animal artwork to sell, made into necklaces, earrings, and other items, and sewn hammocks for reptiles. I enjoyed knitting/crocheting an outfit for her bearded dragon Buddy.

My mom has been spending more time with Ryan lately, with Rog in rehab after surgery, and Gayle often gets him off the bus too. He continues to learn more and more at school and is spelling very hard words!

A very blessed season to all!

2014-01-21 05.47.052014-01-07 10.16.46

January 2014 – Poinsetta suddenly turned red!  Snow started in earnest

2014-02-18 09.31.120213140629

February, 2015 – snow just kept coming!  My first phone in a while to really successfully last more than a few months without having something wrong with it!

2014-03-11 14.50.202014-03-17 08.05.08

March, 2014 – Colleen’s artwork keeps getting better and better – she made it into shows that spring semester!  My last trip with Rog to steubenville/Greene co. PA.

2014-04-13 12.54.182014-04-20 15.30.00

April, 2014 – Winter finally over – first grilling.  Easter day.


2014-05-19 16.57.102014-05-29 16.22.42

May, 2014 – Ryan’s haircut!  Colleen’s birthday at Olive Garden.


2014-06-05 12.57.462014-06-25 16.40.26


June, 2014 – Girls’ day out!  My haircut – finally.


2014-07-24 18.51.232014-08-08 23.49.25

July, 2014 – Baseball, soccer and swimming!

2014-08-03 15.47.15IMG_1702

August, 2014 – the Fest, and Ryan discovered Pacman!

2014-09-07 15.03.49IMG_2058

September, 2014 – Potato festival, and quite a haul at the fruit market!!



2014-10-05 15.09.142014-10-28 18.20.04

October, 2014 – Atwood Lake festival, and DOUBLE rainbow!

2014-11-22 14.44.172014-11-02 13.23.37

November, 2014 – Chris’s birthday, and last day before Rog’s surgery – super day out with friends to Sharon PA

2014-11-02 13.23.372014-12-22 00.12.242014-12-24 13.52.13

December, 2014 – Tree alight, and first of the new painting in the basement.