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A boy alone leaving life behind
he asks nothing of you or me
he does not ask because he has no words
nothing we can perceive

his words are his for no one else
just him alone, you see
does he live, I am not sure
he moves he eats he breaths

but somehow I feel there is
a way to cross this sea
the way it seems and that I know
will always be the same

what can I do, what shall I do
there’s no bridge I can cross
I know there is no win
and there is no loss

there is a sea that we may never cross
but let us try and by the grace of God
let us build a craft that might

@copyright 1997 criscoll


The everyday world doesn't make you smile
An inner angel delights you for a while
The world of light projects its rays
The rainbow escapes your steady gaze

You look beyond to worlds unknown
Will you catch a ball or skip water with a stone?
Will you ride down the sidewalk on a bike?
Blow out candles on a cake, sing into a mike?

Your eyes of brown are affectionate and warm
You snuggle and sometimes cry at your inner storm
You bring a book and let us read you its tale
Will you ride along on life's boat when it sets sail?

Will you stay with us forever, our son of angel eyes?
Your inner Godly spirit shines through your cries
You create heavenly music on the piano keys
Will you climb upon the monkey bars and fall and skin your knees?

Do you hear our "I love you's"
as we try to bring you out to the world you refuse?
Though sometimes you seem to learn a new skill
Life's great adventures don't seem to give you such a thrill

Love us and hold us and teach us your language
So we can learn the communication from your older age
Dance with us sometimes and twirl around
Reach into the heavens but then touch the ground

@copyright 1996 criscoll